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Top up your knowledge bank in as little as 15 minutes with the most comprehensive book notes on the internet

FACT: The average reader only retains 20% of what he/she reads.

Talk about a tiny slice of the knowledge pie….

Yet... gurus will keep telling you the more books you read, the more skills you’ll gain and the more success you’ll have.

Some even love to “flex” that they read “one book a day”.


I love to read books as much as any other curious soul.

I read novels as a way to wind down before I fall asleep...

I read autobiographies as a way to gain life changing perspectives...

But when it comes to topping up your knowledge bank, sharpening your skills and improving a specific area of your life?

You have to ask yourself “WHY am I reading this book?”

Is it to feel like you’re being more productive (aka procrastinating)?

Or is your end goal to...

..Improve your skills?

...Make more money?

….Be more productive?

…...Speed up your journey to success?

Books are merely a tool to your learning process and reading more books for the sake of reading more books is like pouring water into a leaky bucket….

What’s the point if you’re only retaining one fifth of what you read?

Depth Over Width

A very successful entrepreneur once said

“You’re better off reading one great book ten times than reading ten average books once.”


Because when you only read a book once, it’s impossible to absorb 100% of its knowledge.

Most people don’t even remember what they learned in college let alone what happened in the last episode of their favourite Netflix series.

The power of a great book is that it contains decades of wisdom inside a few hundred pages.

But if you think you can absorb 100% of that wisdom by reading that book only once and then moving onto the next book?

You. Are. Dreaming.

If you want to absorb the complete lessons of a great book and turn them into practical skills you can use to improve your life?

Then you need a tool that helps you revise, extract and apply those lessons so you retain them for life.

What if I told you that I have a tool that lets you revise, extract and apply these lessons to sharpen your skills in as little as 15 minutes?

And you can do it WITHOUT:

❌ Re-reading an entire book to revise its most powerful lessons

❌ Reading every single book on every guru’s never ending reading list

❌ Pouring 100s of hours getting through the “fluff” of the book before you finally find the lesson

The tool I’m talking about?

My comprehensive book notes (Click here to see a sample of the notes for Atomic Habits by James Clear)

With the help of comprehensive book notes, you can sharpen your skills and uncover priceless ideas in as little as 15 minutes

Just like this entrepreneur and agency owner:

This is why I started making comprehensive book notes years ago.

So I can revise, extract and apply the most important lessons from the best books and sharpen my skills whenever I need to in as little as 15 minutes.

Introducing…. The Vault

My vault of book notes contains the most comprehensive book notes of multiple high value, timeless nonfiction books covering:

> Leadership

> Productivity

> Mindfulness

> Entrepreneurship

> Self Improvement

> Sales & Marketing

Every day I use my book notes to:

  • Create content
  • Make more money
  • Think and philosophize
  • Warm-up my “idea muscle”
  • Make important life decisions
  • Make important business decisions

What you get:

✅ All current book notes in the Vault

✅ Lifetime access to all future book notes

✅ 1-2 new book note every month…. FOREVER

How to use these book notes

  • Save time and money by revising my notes before deciding whether to buy a book or not
  • Deepen your understanding of important books you read weeks/months/years ago in as little as 15 minutes
  • Revisit a specific lesson from your favourite books without spending hours rereading the whole damn thing
  • Learn a new skill and grow your business without pouring 100s of hours of your free time reading multiple books
  • Create your own “commonplace” system
  • Revisit powerful lessons in your downtime instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media
  • Find inspiration for content creation
  • Become a better conversationalist

What other learners like you are saying

Don’t find these notes useful?

No problem.

Send me a DM and explain why and I will gladly refund you no questions asked.

This product is not currently for sale.

ONE TIME PAYMENT for Lifetime Access to the Vault


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The Vault

41 ratings