7 Day Pimp Your Twitter Challenge

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7 Day Pimp Your Twitter Challenge

Eddy Quan
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Discover how YOU can turn your free Twitter account into a networking, client generating and money making machine in 7 days with the "Sniper" Technique

I’m going to get straight to the point.

I’ve created an email course, available to coaches, creators, freelancers, entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to turn their existing Twitter account into a lead generating and money making machine.

This course will lead you to more money, clients, freedom and unexpected opportunities for your career, business and personal life.

If you’re reading this then you already have a Twitter account.

What you might not know is that you can make a full-time income and create unexpected opportunities from it, even if you don’t know where to start, what to sell or have zero skills to offer.

This email course will take 7 days to complete and show you a low-maintenance, zero risk way to turn your free Twitter account into an income and lead generating machine, with an exact plan of attack that you can start today.

Why should you listen to me?

I'm not an expert social media marketer.

In fact, some of my friends call me a boomer when it comes to technology.

But I got obsessed with Twitter and through sheer trial and error...

I figured out how to turn my account into an asset that brings me $1000s of dollars every month from simple tweets that take me minutes to write.

I've also built up a network of contacts which includes millionaires, business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, health experts, software developers and so much more. 

This course, "Pimp Your Twitter" is what I wish I had when I started.

I wrote down everything I know from months of success and failure...

So you can avoid the big mistakes that I made.

Is this course for you?

The 7 Day Pimp Your Twitter Challenge is for anyone who wants to…

  • Build an engaged following of at least 2,000 followers. Your ability to make money and create opportunities is dependent on the quality NOT quantity of your followers. This course will show you how to build a following that makes you more money, jobs, clients and asymmetric opportunities for your business and personal life.

  • Create magnetic content that brings you high quality followers. The quality of your audience is determined by the quality of your content. I’ll show you a unique way to create content that creates an impact on your dream audience and magnetizes them to follow you. I call this the “sniper” technique.

  • Connect with new friends, dream clients, and leaders in your niche. Twitter is best played with friends. I’ll show you how to use your account to connect with and meet the most influential players in your niche. With a solid network, you’ll have a constant stream of leads and opportunities coming through your DMs.

  • Make a living by being yourself. A personal brand is your ultimate leverage point on the internet. It allows you to make a full-time income and find unexpected opportunities by using a unique blend of your personality, interests, skills and experience. I’ll show you a unique way to build and 10x your brand on Twitter using my “sniper” technique. 

  • Become an influencer in your niche. I’ll give you the entire framework on how to become a recognized authority in your niche. 

What’s in the course?

  • Day 1 The Power of Building a “You, Inc” business (Understand this mindset and you’ll never look at Twitter the same way again)

  • Day 2 The Anatomy of a Six Figure Personal Brand Part 1 of 2 (Your personality is the “USP” of your personal brand because it’s the one thing NO ONE can copy. I’ll show you how to leverage your unique personality to build an audience of hungry buyers even if you don’t have a product or service to sell yet)

  • Day 3 The Anatomy of a Six Figure Personal Brand Part 2 of 2 (Discover the “Sniper” technique of creating magnetic content that builds you a highly engaged audience of hungry customers and fans that love to throw money at you)

  • Day 4 A Primer on Writing Tweets (Tweet writing is a skill. I’ll slash your learning curve in half by showing you the exact formulas I use to write tweets both for my account and my ghostwriting clients. )

  • Day 5 How to Build Your Own VIP Lounge on Twitter (Growing your following from zero has little to do with going viral and everything to do with building valuable relationships with other creators. I’ll reveal the five best ways to do this on the bird app)

  • Day 6 A Shortcut to Get Maximum Followers in Minimum Time (If you’re in a rush to get your first 1,000-2,000 followers in record time or you want to grow your current following as fast as possible, THIS module is as close to a secret as you’ll find anywhere)

  • Day 7 Five Proven Ways to Monetize Your Brand (I’ll show you how to craft your first offer so you can start making money ASAP…. Even if you don’t have a product or a skill to offer yet)

Platinum Package: Everything above + a personalized breakdown of your profile and 5 of your tweets

Diamond Package: Everything in the platinum package + a 60 minute strategy call with me

✅ Bonus Gift #1: Free Subscription to the Twitter Digest (Value $10/month)

The Twitter Digest is an exclusive private newsletter for anyone who completes the challenge. You’ll get emails on the most up to date Twitter tactics, strategies and “going-ons” to help you grow your brand, boost your influence and make more sales.

✅ Bonus Gift #2: Eddy's Tweetdeck Volume 1 and 2 (Value $50)

Every week I breakdown the technical and psychological triggers behind why certain tweets go viral.

I packaged up these tweet breakdowns into two volumes containing hundreds of analysed tweets for you to use as inspiration to go viral on a daily basis.

"How is Pimp Your Twitter Different From Every Other Twitter Course?"

This is NOT a Twitter Growth Course.

Most courses only show you how to get more followers and engagement.

This course will show you how to get more sales, clients and opportunities using my three-pronged “sniper” technique.

I’ll give you my entire framework, with nuances and all. Not only will you exact strategies to get more followers and engagement, you’ll understand how to leverage them to make more money, get more influence and build a powerful network that sends you new clients

How Creators Are Getting Massive Results with Pimp Your Twitter

What to do next

As soon as you click the big green button below that says “I want this!”, you’ll be taken to a payment page.

After you place your order, you’ll get an email receipt with a welcome email on the next steps.

The course is delivered through email so you can access it anywhere at any time right from your inbox.

Any Guarantees?

My personal guarantee is that if you use the teachings in this course for the next 60 days you will see a significant growth in your online following and profits.

If you apply the teachings for at least 60 days and don't see these results?

I will cut you a check for 100% of your total investment.

Click the "I want this!" button to join the challenge

I want this!

7 Day Pimp Your Twitter Email Course


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