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Dumb it Down

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The go-to guide to creating stupid simple content that hypnotizes readers from the headline down to the final call to action.

So you wrote a piece of content.

Maybe it’s a blog post, maybe it’s an email, maybe it’s a sales letter or maybe it’s “just” a social media post

✔️to grow your business,

✔️to build your social media following

✔️and to turn readers into lifelong customers

You hit “publish” and bite your fingernails as you wait for the results to roll in.

The next day, you log back into your dashboard with your fingers crossed, only to find:

❌No opens

❌No views

❌No engagement

❌No sales

You scratch your head.

Your idea was GENIUS.

Your product is EXCEPTIONAL.

You did all the right things and followed all the writing rules you’ve been taught but still….

the results are worse than you expected.

So what happened?

Just like real life, there’s the “right way” to do things, and then there’s the way that gets results.

99% of content creators will never get results because of one reason….


It’s not their fault they write this way.

They were taught that to get an A+ on their Shakespeare paper, they need to impress their English teacher with clever “grammar” and “prose” (whatever that means).

Well that’s great when you ALREADY have your teacher’s attention. It’s her job to read your writing, even if it’s awful.

Online writing doesn’t work like that. Unlike your English teacher, your audience is not getting paid to read your content.

No one cares how “clever” your writing is or how “genius” your idea is.

If your content doesn’t immediately grab the reader’s attention from the headline AND hold it all the way to the final call to action….

It will fall flat and disappear into the void of the Internet black space.

If you want a reliable way to create addictive content that gets you an “A+” from your audience, your writing needs to be DUMBER.

At this point, you’re wondering “This is stupid. Why would anyone want to write dumb? Doesn’t dumb writing attract dumb people?”

Not exactly.

You see, not everybody can understand how a rocket scientist writes, but almost everybody will understand how a ten year old writes.

If you could get your hands on a go-to guide that gives you the exact step by step guidelines to turn your brilliant ideas into dumbed down, stupid simple to understand content that persuades people to:

💰click a link

💰read an article

💰Respond to an email

💰subscribe to a newsletter

💰buy a product

💰hire you

Would you?

If you answered “F%*K YES!”, then I have some GREAT news for you.


Dumb it Down is the ultimate guide that helps anyone who is new to writing online or who is struggling to get results from their content.

With the tools and resources you get in Dumb it down, you will discover:

  • How to come up with big ideas that immediately grab people’s attention
  • How to write highly addictive content even if you have no “original ideas” ,you “suck at writing” or English isn’t your first language
  • The four topics that 99.99% of people are biologically wired to respond to
  • The golden rule of writing content that converts
  • Specific writing templates you can plug-and-play to create limitless amounts of hypnotic content
  • A visualisation exercise which will immediately 100x your writing, even if English isn’t your first language or you failed at high school English

The information in this guide has turned keystrokes from my fingers, into thousands of dollars in online sales.

This is an incredibly short guide which you can read in one sitting.

If this guide gives you even one tip that increases your conversions....(and keep in mind, writing is a process you can apply to every piece of content)....then this will be the best investment for your content and your business.

Not only will your readers want to read your words, they will want to click your links, read your posts, sign up to your newsletters and buy your products.

Dumb it Down includes:

  • Dumb it Down hypnotic content writing guide - This guide shows you my exact writing process for creating hypnotic content. You can print it out and leave it at your desk so you can refer to it anytime you feel stuck.
  • 2 Writing Templates - Simply “plug” your ideas into this template to jump start your writing process and you’ll never have to face writer’s block again.

PLUS 7 additional BONUSES:

  • 5 highly detailed book notes (over 100 pages of notes) for the following textbooks on persuasive writing

  • Psychological Triggers Workbook - A workbook that explains 30 scientifically proven psychological triggers and how you can use them in your content. Each trigger has a specific exercise which shows you how to apply the trigger in your content to increase conversions.

After you apply the Dumb it Down guide, you’ll have everything you need to produce high converting...

Blog posts...
Landing pages...
Sales letters...
Social media posts...
Text messages...
Video sales letters...

And basically any sort of nonfiction writing that can be read on a screen.

on repeat.

Here's what customers are saying about Dumb it Down...

What if I don't like the guide?

If you learn absolutely nothing from this guide after you read and apply it? Send me a message and tell me why. I will happily give you a full refund. 

Ready to boost your conversions and skyrocket your engagement?

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Dumb it Down

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